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Paper & Board

Paper : there's two different type of paper , Printing & Writing papers and packing papers . in regards of printing and writing papers , despite having three manufacturing factory in iran , we have more than 320 thousand tons of it imported in the country in a year , from countrys like indonesia  , malaysia , china , korea , finland and italy .

in regards to packing papers things are different . iran produces 2.8 million tons of packing paper , which make the industry Self-sufficient and only 900 thousand ton yearly usage and the rest is avalible for exporting . currently in iran we have types of papers such as white top , craft , Pseudo-craft , test liner and floating with different widths with weight range of 70 to 230 gram is being produced .

Cardboard :  cardboard just like paper is a prerequisite for packing industry , which require alot of funding and investment for producing it . however cardboard market in iran is under the influence of currency status , so for this reason we import 70%  of the product from countrys like korea , china etc... . back gray and white gray is the type of cardbaord that is avalible in iran market .

Paper & Board

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